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Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress Essay

Title: Balzac and the Little Chinese seamstress author: Dai SijieOriginally published in France by Gallimard, 2000English translation publisher: Alfred A. KnopfCopyright: September 11, 2001Hardcover: 208 pagesA novelBalzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is a cogent novel that depicts the impact of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, proves the magic of storytelling, compares ancient and modern, and tells a romantic love story between a mountain girl and two city youths. Two boys are sent to a mountain at the age of 17 and 18 during the Cultural Revolution in China in the 1970s for re-education. The narrator, a violin player, and his best friend Luo both have parents that are doctors and therefore classed as enemies of the people, which is the worst thing that can happen to an intellectual. The chance of going home from this remote village 500 kilometers away from their hometown, the big city Chengdu, is less than three in a thousand. At the mountain Phoenix of the Sky, which is just a poetic way of suggesting its terrifying altitude, they are put into a house on stilts with a sow underneath in the poorest village perched on a summit. Their re-education consists of working in a coal mine and carrying buckets of excrement up and down a mountain. With them in another village is an old friend called Fore-Eyes, because of his glasses. Soon the two discover his hidden suitcase that contains a large number of Western literature translated into Chinese. And when they meet the Little Seamstress, the beautiful mountain girl in need of culture, they decide to steal the suitcase. This partly historical novel tells the amusing adventures of a teenager during his re-education in a humorous, and sometimes sarcastic way, with a lot of black humor in between. A funny example is the day of their arrival. When the narrator played a sonata by Mozart on his violin to convince the villagers that it was a musical instrument, not a toy, he had to call his piece Mozart is Thinking of Chairman Mao to wipe out the headmans suspicion. Another example is Fore-Eyes collecting authentic folk songs from the peasants to publish them in a journal, in order to get out of the village: he adapted and modified them to communistic songs because the text was a little indelicate. The irony behind this is that songs from peasants, who  are the actual communists, had to be altered in order to be published in a communistic journal. The characters are all extremely realistic, whether it is the vigilant, coarse, and harsh village headman who is an ex-opium grower turned Communist saying that spreading out reactionary stories of western Counts (Count of Monte Cristo) is a crime, regardless of the Counts nationality because our revolution will triumph the world over, or the poor Old Miller eating pebbles dipped in salt water with his liquor, which he calls jade dumplings with miller sauce. My favorite character is the superficial and sycophantic Fore-Eyes with his smiling mask: he is the son of a poetess and a writer and therefore also classed three-in-a-thousand. He lives in constant terror of the peasants opinion, hoping that they might give him a chance to go back home: Ive got to work, thats what Im here for. At least thats what the headman says, he says. The Cultural Revolution has not only changed Fore-Eyes. Towards the end of 1968, Chairman Mao launched a campaign that would leave the country profoundly altered: the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Schools and universities were closed and hundred of thousands of young intellectuals were forced to go to the countryside for re-education, meaning working with poor peasants to change their bourgeois minds, to have western decadent ideas re-educated out of them. This book is one of the few that personally describe the suffering of teenagers at the age of growing up working in villages without any culture or civilization, completely blocked from the outside world. The little coal mine already became a threatening word in the two boys vocabulary. Luo once said: I dont know why, but from the moment we got here Ive had this idea stuck in my head: that Im going to die in this mine. As the narrator said, he’s heard â€Å"nothing but revolutionary blather about patriotism, Communism, ideology and propaganda all his life†. Therefore, a suitcase with Western literature that was discovered by chance totally transformed him and his friend in a way that being in the city could never have done because any art or literature that is Western were banned for years at that time. So even though they were supposed to be re-educated, they did read something else than Maos Little Red Book, the only book that was allowed to be read. Besides manifesting the impact of the Cultural Revolution, the story reveals the importance of storytelling. Early in the book, the narrator says: The only thing Luo was really good at was telling stories. A pleasing talent to be sure, but a marginal one, with little future in it. Modern man has moved beyond the age of the Thousand-and-One-Nights, and modern societies everywhere, whether socialist or capitalist, have done away with the old storytellers—more’s the pity. The fact is this story is based on telling stories – from revolutionary movies to Western forbidden books and at that certain time and place, storytelling brought culture and civilization. The narrator was completely changed when he opened the thin book of Balzac, realizing that subjects like awakening desire, passion, impulsive action had all been hidden from him. Like he said: Brushing them with the tips of my fingers made me feel as if my pale hands were in touch with human lives. Somehow, the way he identifies characters and situations that he has never experienced so strongly can be compared to the way this book presents itself: through excellent descriptions the reader is led in a world so new, so different, and so impressive. This wonderful story combines ancient and modern, superstition and civilization in a village, demonstrating an entire contrast between the two cultures. An interesting scene in the book is that sorceresses who came to heal Luo from his bout of malaria were fascinated by the story the narrator told. He said: I embarked on the strangest performance of my life. In that remote village tucked into a cleft in the mountain where my friend had fallen into a sort of stupor, I sat in the flickering light of an oil lamp and related the North Korean film for the benefit of a pretty girl and four ancient sorceresses. Although this book essentially suggests that Western culture is welcomed, the plot hints a drawback. If everyone in China or elsewhere would be educated in a Western way, meaning to leave superstition, religion, tradition and maybe even culture and history behind, what would then the world look like?The book is not only a story about cultural differences; it is also a love story. The Little Seamstress is by far the prettiest girl in the whole region. The moment the narrator and Luo saw her, the beauty of this simple, kind, and genuine daughter of the tailor fascinated them. The narrator asked Luo whether he was in love with her or  not, and he replied: Shes not civilized, at least not enough for me! The story deals with teaching a mountain girl (who is now Luos girlfriend) by telling her Western stories about love and passion. At the same time, it deals a lot with friendship, because the narrator is also in love with the Little Seamstress, who isnt aware of that. He calls himself her secret agent when he goes to protect the Little Seamstress from other admirers following Luos wish when he was gone for a month. He teaches the Little Seamstress and helps her at her daily work, but wasnt supposed to show any kind of affection or jealousy. That is true friendship, in other words. In the end, the story takes a surprising turn with the Little Seamstress leaving them with Balzacs words: A womans beauty is a treasure beyond price.After all, it is a very powerful and convincing book that allows readers to think about this dark and ugly period of Chinese history and at the same time see how hope and optimism never vanishes in times of despair, fear and loneliness, or any kind of terrible situations one might get in.

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Installing and Upgrading Software Essay

There are a number of reasons for upgrading software, generally the main reason is that the software has been improved or security problems have been addressed, or it offers new functionality. You may also install or update software when a new piece of hardware is installed in order to make it compatible. Other reasons may include software which is no longer supported by the manufacturer. If the software in question brings new functionality to the computer system in day to day life and makes that task easier, then you should consider updating. You also upgrade when you need to or when you want to upgrade or when your system is not working properly, existing software fails to run correctly and when additional functionality required. Sometimes, your pc crashes, freezes, your PC runs very slow, Having Problems Shutting down the computer and Shutting down applications and sometimes its shutdown while you are doing something or you may just get blank screen. If you find that you need more power in your machine and then you can upgrade your components, when your computer stops doing what you need it to do, then it is time to consider upgrading or replacing the computer. You upgrade when your existing system is not work properly, when you need new hardware or new software for your system and sometimes it may be company policy that you upgrade systems. You upgrade to fix programming bugs and security holes. Describe the potential prompt that initiate new or upgrade software: When you upgrade the software it might not work because it may not be suitable for the system specification, so in that situation you will need to upgrade the system to allow that software to work. Upgrading new software is used in computing and user electronics, generally meaning replacement of software with a newer version, in order to bring the system up to date to improve its characteristics. When installing or upgrading you should be aware of all the different types of risks that can occur risks such as prompts. Explain the advantage and potential disadvantage of the installation or upgrade of new software: The advantages of the installation or upgrades of the new software are that it may allow you to install different applications and also it may add new features to your current software. The disadvantages is that the upgrade may not be successful or even cause problems to other software which are currently installed and also it may stop other applications from running. It also may cause problems to existing system.

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E-Commerce Strategies for Grocery Stores - 845 Words

e-Commerce Strategies for Grocery Stores Introduction Retailing is one of the highest-velocity business models there are, predicated on a rapid turnover of inventory. Of the many forms of retailing, food and grocery have the most rapid inventory turns of all and the highest risk of inventory loss due to spoilage and rapid obsolescence (Gunasekaran, Marri, McGaughey, Nebhwani, 2002). The many attempts to bring e-commerce into the food and grocery retailing industry have been fraught with failure as operations management systems have failed to translate the many accuracy and speed advantages of e-commerce into a value-chain encompassing operations management performance advantage (Ruch, Sackmann, 2012). The intent of this analysis is to evaluate how food and grocery stores can be made more efficient through e-commerce-based operations management. Making Grocery Retailing More Efficient with Operations Management The traditional approach to operations management is based on solving complex, constraint-based problems using linear programming-based techniques including Critical Path Metroid (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) (Delgado, Gunter, Badiru, 2004). Traditional operations management approaches to managing the high velocity nature of grocery retailing have continually struggled to keep up with the quickening pace of product introductions, spoilage factors by seasonal time of the year, and rapid pricing decisions (Giovani, 2003). Often groceryShow MoreRelatedImpact Of E Commerce Of Fmcg Sector Essay1362 Words   |  6 PagesImpact of E-commerce of FMCG Sector Grocery and FMCG sales together constitute approximately 62% of the Indian retail sales, both unorganized and organized (Modern retail and E-commerce) sectors combined. Organized retail in India is growing its share in India but modern trade has not taken off the way it should have because of various reasons very specific to India. Entire generation of Indian youth is thus directly leapfrogging to e-commerce from shopping in convenience ‘Mom Pop’ stores. ConsequentlyRead MoreMarketing Strategy Of The Grocery Industry1600 Words   |  7 PagesCompetitor`s objectives The concept of strategic groups in the grocery industry is one that is used to group companies within the same industry that are alike in business model of that have similar combinations of like strategies or goals. When it comes to competition in the grocery retail industry. The selling of grocery’s is an important industry that affects the health and wellness of its countless customers and many of its staff, and can also have a major impact on the farming community andRead MoreThe Impact Of Internet On Supply Chain Strategies1563 Words   |  7 Pages The Impact of the Internet on Supply Chain Strategies The Internet has played a major role in the changing of supply chain strategies. The growth of the Internet over the years have presented supply chains with various opportunities for service improvement and cost reduction. These opportunities can include: †¢ On-line vendor catalogs available to customers from which customers can find, select, and order items directly from suppliers without any human contact. †¢ The ability to track shipments usingRead MoreThe Grocery And Supermarket Chain Essay1643 Words   |  7 Pageskeyboard. Even the traditional industries like grocery stores and drugstores have extended their business channels into the internet in order to meet more customers’ needs (Geunes 2004, p.218). The grocery and supermarket industry develops quite fast in the UK for the past few decades. There are more than 86,000 grocery physical stores operate in the UK now that range form supermarket chains to superstores, convenience stores and traditional retailing stores. Different supermarkets are concentrate onRead MoreTo What Extent Is an E-Commerce Strategy the Best Way for Businesses to Increase Their Profits? (40 Marks)1398 Words   |  6 PagesTo what extent is an e-commerce strategy the best way for businesses to increase their profits? (40 marks) E-commerce is the online transaction of goods and services, which has completely revolutionized business and the way in which businesses can operate. It’s now easier for customers to compare prices/products with a little time spent browsing the Internet opposed to dragging themselves to the stores. This means that e-commerce is having an impact on what and how much businesses sell, thereforeRead MoreAnalyzing Amazon s Market Situation1611 Words   |  7 PagesSituational Analysis – Strengths By analyzing Amazon’s market situation, there are several strengths that encourage the opening of a drive-thru grocery store in Toronto. The built in feature of a drive-thru will offer a less time-consuming way for customers to shop for groceries, providing more convenience. In a contemporary society, especially in Toronto, people have a very busy lifestyle due to today’s stressful work lifestyle. From research completed in 1999, more than 25 million Americans, almostRead MoreCan We Consider Walmart A Fair Competitor?s Online Success?1609 Words   |  7 Pagesworldwide, making it one of the most valuable brands in the world. Not only has Amazon seized the world with its e-commerce strategy, but it is also willing to forego profits to gain market share, making it difficult for Walmart to find a space in the online retailing spotlight. Not being hamstrung by an enormous brick-and-mortar business like Walmart, Amazon is able to do e-commerce for many other businesses, Tar get for instance. As a result, Amazon has set up a culture, not only by its enormousRead MoreWal Mart s Ecommerce Innovator1062 Words   |  5 Pages@Walmarts. They generate data from their customers and operating Wal-Mart’s mobile app, which is their strategy of ecommerce innovation. The local grocery pickup location is Wal-Mart’s strategy on online retailing. They maintain their everyday lowest price to shoppers by using the Wal-Mart mobile app service of Barcode Scanning. The mobile app will help the customer to compare the price with other stores to insure their lowest price; otherwise Wal-Mart will pay the difference. Wal-Mart currently announcedRead MoreIT Strategy for New Supermarket in Huddersfield, UK3343 Words   |  13 PagesIT Strategy for a New Supermarket in Huddersfield in the UK Introduction Todays market is consistently changing and evolving, almost at the speed of light. In order for any business to succeed, it is crucial to include some sort of new, innovative IT strategies within the operating and marketing capacities, whether that business is a small single location or a massive chain of retail stores across a vast area. Opening up a single grocery location now depends more on just the strategy to directRead MoreBackground. Today, People Are Engaging In E-Commerce More1742 Words   |  7 PagesBackground Today, people are engaging in e-commerce more than ever. Traditionally American consumers shopped exclusively in local businesses and specialty mom and pop stores. These stores are essentially smaller, independently owned and operated businesses that have little influence on the market. Small businesses occupy several areas of business including retail, services, wholesaling and manufacturing. The growing acceptance of the Internet and e-commerce in the early 1990’s changed the way people

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Racism in the Twenty-First Century - 888 Words

Racism in the 21st Century As the 2008 presidential election proceeded to break racial barriers in America, many people have come to believe that racism in America no longer exists since we now have a Black president. However, This could not be anything further from the truth. When many people think of racism, they think of blunt discriminatory actions made against people of color. Thoughts of segregation and the Ku Klux Klan probably come to mind when people envision what racism may look like. Since many of this is now considered illegal or less evident in today’s society, many people may believe that racism is no longer a major issue. Racism in today’s society, however, is constructed differently. Robert M. Entman notes that American society has changed from â€Å"traditional to modern racism† (206). Modern racism is more complex within our political and social systems. So how does racism still exist you ask? Racism still exists in our society because minoritie s remain to be the largest group of people who are unemployed, disadvantaged in their ability to obtain a decent education, and misrepresented by the media. Minorities have a higher rate of unemployment than whites in America. Black unemployment in America rose â€Å"from 15.3 to 15.5 percentâ€Å" in March 2011, while only â€Å"7.9 percent of white workers were jobless† (Ross). The factors causing this lack of employment among minorities are explained as having to deal with education, age, ethnic-sounding names on job applications,Show MoreRelatedHas Dr. Martin Luther Kings Dream Become Reality?870 Words   |  4 PagesIn our modern society has the vision articulated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his acclaimed I Have a Dream speech become a reality in twenty-first century America? Though relevant government statistics are limited and do not go back to the 1960s, available data suggests that our country still has a long way to go before attaining true equality of oppo rtunity for black and white Americans. Yet evidently as a nation we have come a long way to conquer the oppression of minorities. African AmericanRead MoreThe Color Line : Mass Media And Systemic Racism1258 Words   |  6 PagesThe problem of the 21st Century is the problem of the color line: Mass Media and Systemic Racism In the Souls Of Black Folk , Du Bois starts his collection by stating that â€Å"the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line.† (p. 34 Forethought Du. Bois) Du Bois’s conception of the â€Å"problem of the color line† is an apt diagnosis for the problems about racialized identities of his time and is still applicable for the Twenty-first century. Du Bois’s â€Å"problem of the color line† canRead MoreRacism And Racism Essay971 Words   |  4 PagesIs it racism or economics which hinders many African American communities from progressing economically in the 21st Century? This research proposal will address this question by examining the social and psychological impact caused by racism and the economic impact it’s had on the African American community. This proposal will further investigate whether the emotional scars of slavery continue to hamper African American progress or if racism is actually the cause. The economic cost of discriminationRead MoreThemes Of Racism And White Privilege939 Words   |  4 Pagessymbolize parts of larger themes of racism and white privilege in the story. Kevin is a symbol of the complicated relationship that white America has with black Americans. Kevin believes that he is not racist, yet his actions betray an unconscious prejudice towards African-Americans. This is evident when Kevin reacts angrily when Dana refuses to type up his writing for him. â€Å"He really had asked me to do some typing for him three times. I’d done it the first time, grudgingly, not telling him howRead MoreIs The Mass Incarceration Of Blacks The New Jim Crow?1540 Words   |  7 PagesAfrican Americans only make up about 13% (Prison Activist Resource Center. Racism Fact Sheets: â€Å" Latinos and the Criminal Injustice System.† 2003). There is a huge number of African Americans involved in the criminal justice system in some way. The average person does not know about mass incarceration nor about the racism that is in just about every part of the criminal justice system. When most people think about racism their thoughts often drift to slavery or Jim Crow laws, but for most, theyRead MoreRacism Essay785 Words   |  4 PagesRacism is a harsh word that includes both attitudes and actions. Racism is unequally treating others because they belong to a certain racial or ethnic group and thinking they are inferior to your ethnic group. Sociologists have defined racism as the perception and treatment of a racial or ethnic group, or member of that group, as intellectually, socially, and culturally inferior to one’s own group. It is more than an attitude; it is institutionalized in society. Racism is a silent disease that isRead MoreResearch Proposal On Environmental Racism And Environmental Justice Essay1172 Words   |  5 PagesEnvironmental Racism and Environmental Justice May 30, 2016 Andy Stanford (Instructor) This will be my paper research proposal on behave of the unit 8 Learning assignment as per requested; The Brief summary of my topic will be An environmental Justice / Environmental Racism. This ethicalRead MoreSocial Problems: Is the United States Post-Racial?1237 Words   |  5 PagesUnited States has generated a lot of discussions and debate on the current racial affairs in the United States. Many assume that Obamas presidency ushers a new era post-racial America. So, I decided to read a few recent articles on the topic. The first was by Time Wise where he reflects on denial and reality in response to the question what is post-racial? (Wise, 2012). Wises article is depressing because not only because he leaves no doubt, by bringing up strong qualitative and quantitativeRead MoreRacism Through Eras, By James Baldwin And Brent Staples951 Words   |  4 PagesRacism Through Eras Today, racist sororities and fraternities on college campuses have grown to be a public crisis. Recently at the University of Oklahoma, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity released a video including racial slurs and lynching of African Americans (Glionna et al.). This activity shows that there is racism among Americans even in the twenty-first century. There are many other publicized cases involving racism in American society which proves that racism is not just an issueRead MoreDr. Johnson s Death Of Death For The Cold Blooded Atrocity1343 Words   |  6 Pagesthe rape of eighteen-year-old Nevada Taylor. Mr. Johnson supposedly choked the victim with a leather strap and subsequently sexually assaulted her. When testifying, the woman only had one adjective to describe the perpetrator, a word that damned the twenty-six-year-old to a guilty verdict; black. Although he had never been in possession of a leather strap, had a sound alibi verified by countless testimonies, and the ra pe victim never definitively identified Mr. Johnson during the trial, the all-white

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Introduction Of Online Restaurant Website - 1073 Words

1. Introduction to Online Restaurant Website Abstract Online Restaurant Website† is considered as an increasingly used application in restaurant management. Just a few years ago, people used to spend long time waiting for a table to be ready for them at a restaurant. And after that, they would wait longer time to order their food. There was no surprise that the food took too long to be prepared. In short, the whole enjoyment of eating did eventually result in boredom and tiredness for customers. From another side, this is the restaurant management and staff who used to stand much pressure to handle a lot of customers at the same time. With great technology in general and the internet in specific, customers can be happy by using online food ordering and reservation. This facilitates the work of restaurant managers and staff. The system will make the entire process for the restaurant manager much easier and faster compared with traditional methods. On the other hand, these days’ customers can place their orders and make their reservations as quickly and enjoyably as a click on their computers or smart devices. All in all, both customer and menu information management as well as report are the very wonderful aspects of the modern world in restaurant industry. Technically, Prototyping Model is what is applied in Online Website. Adobe Fireworks, Visual Studio 2013, SQL Management Studio, and Microsoft Office software’s are used to develop the project. This project can beShow MoreRelatedJust Eat Is An Internet Company744 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction Summary Just Eat is an Internet company offering online food ordering and delivery service. Firstly launched in Denmark in 2001, it was doing takeaway service by simply presenting the menu to the customers, then pass the order to restaurants and delivery to customer’s door. It was the year of 2008 when Just Eat really took a leap by moving its headquarter to London. Since that, it opened branches in 13 countries including Canada in 2009. It received abundant private investment andRead MoreThe Impact of Social Media on Consumer Purchasing Decision1287 Words   |  6 Pagesprocess for the following types of purchase decisions. * Buying tickets for a music show (5) * Deciding to invest money in a restaurant chain (5) * Purchasing insurance for your car (5) * Buying shoes for yourself (5) You may find it helpful to visit some websites for the afore-mentioned products. [20 marks] Introduction The advent of internet has brought more convenience to the time starved modern day consumers. This assignment will dwell on informationRead MoreImpact of Advanced Technology on Customers1604 Words   |  6 Pagesconsumers and the managers of the restaurant understood that its integration is the sole means to ensuring long terms success. 2. The website and the electronic menu The pizza place at the corner of the street is a convenient choice for a dinner out with friends, with family, or even to order the food and have it delivered to your apartment. The pizza place is more so of a family restaurant, revealing a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The pizza restaurant opened five years ago, as a ratherRead MoreA Review On Business Promotion860 Words   |  4 Pages Yelp! I. Introduction We (and the rest of the internet for the past decade) have already become familiar with online review sites which are so important for business promotion. Suppose you run a business, wouldn’t it be great if you could get every buyer that walks into your small business to give you a recommendation? Customer endorsements are a strong kind of marketing and give a great return on marketing investment. A recommendation is more effective and highly potential to bring inRead MoreReview Of Australian Meat Processing Company1246 Words   |  5 Pages 2.0 Introduction This report has been commissioned by Australian meat processing company â€Å"Aussie Meat Processing† to analyze and evaluate the Internet’s ability to generate profits through international marketing activities in South Korea. Firstly, the meat industry in South Korea will be examined addressing current consumer trends. More specifically, how Internet influenced international consumer behavior in South Korea and the implications of this on exporting beef from Australia to a businessRead MoreRestaurant Management: Improving Information Technology Essay939 Words   |  4 Pagesways and means of improving business operations of a small high quality restaurant which is using very basic computer facilities through introduction of a more convenient way of doing business and attracting more customers through the introduction of the modern high level technologies. The world is developing at an alarming rate and at the same time the technology is continuing to advance day in day out. Though this restaurant may look small, there is a need to equip it with the current technologyRead MoreAdaptation Of Smartphone Application Into Restaurant Business1348 Words   |  6 PagesApplication into Restaurant Business in Edinburgh By [Name of Student] [Student Number] To [Name of Supervisor] Under [Course Name] [Course Number] For completion of [Name of Degree] At [Name of Department] [Name of Institution] â€Æ' TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 4 Background of the Study 4 Problem Statement 5 Research Questions 6 Methods and Procedures 6 Limitations 6 References 7 â€Æ' Abstract This research discussed the adaptation of Smartphone application into restaurant business in EdinburghRead MoreSmartphone Application Into Restaurant Business1129 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract This study is undertaken to research the adaptation of Smartphone application into restaurant business. Problems addressed in this research are role of Smartphone app for restaurant owners and customers; utilization of apps to boost business; designing of Smartphone apps to attract the customers; cost effectiveness and efficiency for business and comparison of Smartphone apps to websites. The research will follow mixed method investigation, combination of quantitative and qualitative methodsRead MoreExternal Macro Environment1645 Words   |  7 PagesMarketing Written assignment Content page 1. Introduction 3 2. External macro-environment 3 2.1 Social and cultural forces 3 2.1.1 Changing gender roles 3 2.1.2 Attitude towards health, nutrition and well-being 3 2.1.3 Cultural beliefs in a country 4 2.2 Technology 4 2.2.1 Advantages of technology 4 2.2.2 Disadvantages of technology 5 2.3 Demography 5 3. Conclusion 6 4. References Lists 7 1. Introduction This report is discussing about how three majorRead MoreMarketing Plan For Top Take Away Restaurant1716 Words   |  7 Pagesidentify possible marketing opportunities: Introduction: The company that I have initiated for my business has named as TOP Take Away Restaurant. The restaurant located in Chadstone Shopping Centre. It is the very strategic and overwhelming location the Chadstone Shopping Centre has been newly renovated with wide range of facilities. Also, it is the biggest shopping hub in Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, I have chosen this location to operate my restaurant. As of now, I have hired one manager, 3 front

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Low Cost Concrete Essay Sample free essay sample

Experimental Investigation In Developing Low Cost Concrete From Paper Industry Waste ABST RACT Over 300 million tones of industrial wastes are being produced per annum by chemical and agricultural procedure in India. T hese stuffs pose jobs of disposal and wellness jeopardies. T he wastes like phosphogypsum. f luorogypsum and ruddy clay contain objectionable drosss which adversely af f ect the strength and other belongingss of edifice stuffs based on them. Out of several wastes being produced at nowadays. the usage of phosphogypsum. f lurogypsum. lime sludge. sodium thiosulphate sludge. ruddy clay. and mine shadowing is of paramount signif icance to protect the environment. Paper doing by and large produces a big sum of solid waste. Paper f ibers can be recycled merely a limited figure of times bef ore they become excessively short or weak to do high quality paper. It means that the broken. low- choice paper degree Fahrenheit ibers are separated out to go waste sludge. All the inks. dyes. coatings. pigments. basics and â€Å"stickies† ( tape. fictile degree Fahrenheit ilms. etc. ) are besides washed of degree Fahrenheit the recycled degree Fahrenheit ibers to fall in the waste solids. T he shiny f inish on calendered magazine-type paper is produced utilizing a f ine china clay clay coating. which besides becomes solid waste during recycling. T his paper factory sludge consumes a big per centum of local landf ailment infinite degree Fahrenheit or each and every twelvemonth. Worse yet. some of the wastes are land spread on cropland as a disposal technique. raising concerns about hint contaminations constructing up in dirt or running of degree Fahrenheit into country lakes and watercourses. Some companies burn their sludge in incinerators. lending to our serious air pollution jobs. To cut down disposal and pollution jobs emanating degree Fahrenheit rom these industrial wastes. it is most indispensable to develop prof itable edifice stuffs f ro m them. Keeping this in position. probes were undertaken to bring forth low dramatis personae concrete by intermixing assorted ratios of cement with sodium thiosulphate sludge. T his undertaking is concerned with experimental probe on strength of concrete and optimal per centum of the partial replacing by replacing cement via 10 % . 20 % . 30 % . 40 % . 50 % . 60 % and 70 % of Hypo Sludge. Keywords: Hypo Sludge. Pozzolanic Property. auxiliary cementitious stuffs. INT RODUCT ION General Energy plays a important function in growing of developing states like India. In the context of low handiness of non-renewable energy resources coupled with the demands of big measures of energy degree Fahrenheit or Building stuffs like cement. the importance of utilizing industrial waste can non be under estimated. During manuf acturing of 1 tones of Ordinary Portland Cement we need about 1-1? metric tons of earth resources like limestone. etc. Further during manuf acturing of 1 metric tons of Ordinary Portland Cement an equal sum of carbon-di-oxide are released into the ambiance. T he carbon-di-oxide emanations act as a soundless Killer in the environment as assorted degree Fahrenheit orms. In this Backdrop. the hunt degree Fahrenheit or cheaper replacement to OPC is a needf ul 1. SOLID WAST E FROM PAPER INDUST RY Hypo Sludge Properties Where. this sodium thiosulphate sludge contains. low Ca and maximal Ca chloride and minimal sum of silicon oxide. Hypo sludg e behaves like cement because of silicon oxide and Mg belongingss. T his silicon oxide and Mg improve the scene of the concrete. Fig 1- Raw Hypo sludge disposal degree Fahrenheit read-only memory T NPL Need For Hypo Sludge Utilization While bring forthing paper the assorted wastes are comes out f rom the assorted procedures in paper industries. From the preliminary waste named as sodium thiosulphate sludge due to its low Ca is taken out degree Fahrenheit or our undertaking to replace the cement use in concrete. Due to the cement production green house gases are emitted in the ambiance. For bring forthing 4million tones of cement. they emit 1 million ton green house gases are emitted. Besides. to cut down the environmental debasement. this sludge has been avoided in mass degree disposal in land. To extinguish the ozone bed depletion. production of cement becomes reduced. For this. the sodium thiosulphate sludge is used as partial replacing in the concrete every bit high perf ormance concrete. By using this waste the strength will be increased and besides cost decrease in the concrete is achieved. OBJECT IVES To look into the use of Hypo Sludge as Supplementary Cementitious Materials ( SCM ) and inf luence of these sodium thiosulphates sludge on the Strength on concretes made with dif f erent Cement replacing degrees MAT ERIALS USED Cement T he most common cement is used is ordinary Portland cement. T he Type 1 is pref erred harmonizing to IS: 269-1976. which is used degree Fahrenheit or general concrete constructions. Out of the entire production. ordinary Portland cement histories f or about 80-90 per centum. Many trials were conducted to cement some of them are consistency trials. puting trials. soundness trials. etc. Aggregate Aggregates are the of import components in concrete. T hey give organic structure to the concrete. cut down shrinking and ef degree Fahrenheits ect economic system. One of the most of import degree Fahrenheit histrions f or bring forthing feasible concrete is good step of sums. Good scaling implies that a sample f ractions of sums in needed proportion such that the sample contains minimal nothingnesss. Samples of the well graded sum incorporating minimal nothingnesss require minimal paste to f ill up the nothingnesss in the sums. Minimum paste will intend less measure of cement and less H2O. which will f urther mean increased economic system. higher strength. lower shrinking and greater lastingness. Aggregate comprises about 55 % of the volume of howitzer and about 85 % v olume of mass concrete. Mortar contains of size of 4. 75 millimeter and concrete contains aggregate upto a maximal size of 150 millimeter. Coarse Aggregate T he f ractions f rom 80 millimeter to 4. 75 millimeter are termed as harsh sum. All right aggregative T hosiery degree Fahrenheit ractions f rom 4. 75 millimeter to 150 micrometers are termed as f ine sum. Water Water is an of import ingredient of concrete as it really participates in the chemical reaction with cement. Since it helps to f rom the strength giving cement gel. the measure and quality of H2O is required to be looked into really caref ully. Hypo Sludge T he f ollowing tabular arraies shows the sodium thiosulphate sludge chemical belongingss and comparing between cement and sodium thiosulphate sludge. Table – 1 Properties of Raw Hypo Sludge Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Moisture Constiutent % Present In Hypo Sludge 56. 8 3. 3 46. 2 27. 00 11. 1 9. 0 3. 6 Magnesium oxide ( MgO ) Calcium oxide ( CaO ) Loss on ignescent Acid indissoluble Silica ( SiO2 ) R2O3 Table – 2 Properties of Hypo Sludge As Cement Ingredient Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Constituent Magnesium oxide ( MgO ) Calcium oxide ( CaO ) Loss on ignescent Acid indissoluble Silica ( SiO2 ) R2O3 % Present In Hypo Sludge 3. 3 46. 2 27. 00 11. 1 9. 0 3. 6 Table – 3 Comparison of Cement and Hypo Sludge Sl. No Constituent Cement ( In % ) Hypo Sludge ( In % ) 46. 2 9 3. 6 3. 33 4. 05 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Lime ( CaO ) Silica ( SiO2 ) Alumina Magnesium Calcium sulfate 62 22 5 1 4 Table-4 Setting T ime for cement and Hypo Sludge Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Ingredients Cement + 0 % sodium thiosulphate sludge Cement +10 % sodium thiosulphate sludge Cement +20 % sodium thiosulphate sludge Cement +30 % sodium thiosulphate sludge Cement +40 % sodium thiosulphate sludge Cement +50 % sodium thiosulphate sludge Cement + 60 % sodium thiosulphate sludge Initial ( min ) 30 31 33 34 36 37 38 Final ( min ) 600 598 597 595 593 592 591 8. MIX DESIGN: Cement +70 % sodium thiosulphate sludge 40 590 A mix M 25 class was designed as per Indian Standard method and the same was used to fix the trial samples. T he design mix proportion is as f ollows Water By weight ( kilogram ) By volume Mix Proportions Conventional Concrete – 1: 0. 834: 2. 29 10 % replacing – 0. 9: 0. 834:2. 29 20 % replacing – 0. 80:0. 834:2. 29 30 % replacement- 0. 70:0. 834:2. 29 40 % replacing – 0. 60:0. 834:2. 29 50 % replacing – 0. 50: 0. 834: 2. 29 60 % replacing – 0. 40: 0. 834: 2. 29 70 % replacing – 0. 30: 0. 834: 2. 29 DETAILS OF T HE EXPERIMENTAL ST UDY Compressive strength trial 150 millimeter X 150mm X 150mm concrete regular hexahedrons were projecting utilizing M25 grade concrete. Specimens with ordinary Portland cement ( OPC ) and OPC replaced with sodium thiosulphate sludge at 10 % . 20 % . 30 % . 40 % . 50 % . 60 % and 70 % degrees were cast. During projecting the regular hexahedrons were automatically vibrated by utilizing a table vibrator. Af ter 24 hours. the specimens were removed f rom the mold and subjected to H2O bring arounding degree Fahrenheit or 14 and 28 yearss. Af ter bring arounding. the specimens were tested degree Fahrenheit or compressive strength utilizing a graduated compaction proving machine of 2000kN capacity. ECONOMIC FEASABILIT Y Cost analysis is carried out degree Fahrenheit or the optimal proportion of per centum of sodium thiosulphate sludge in concrete. T his undertaking was carried out in our college campus. T he cost is compared to the conventional concrete. Cost Of Materials Cost of cement per bag = Rs. 250. 00 Cost of sand per M3 = Rs. 867. 20 Cost of sodium thiosulphate sludge per kilogram = Rs. 0. 50 Cost of coarse of aggregative per M3 = Rs. 561. 40 ( All the rates are include with lead charges ) Table-8 Cost of stuff of normal concrete/ M3 Description Cement Hypo sludge Sand Coarse aggregate Quantity kg/m3 547. 42 456. 96 1255. 475 Entire cost Table-9 Cost of stuff of 10 % partly replaced concrete/m3 Description Cement Hypo sludge Sand Coarse aggregate Quantity kg/m3 492. 678 54. 742 456. 96 1255. 475 Entire cost Table-10 Cost of stuff of 20 % partly replaced concrete/m3 Description Cement Hypo sludge Sand Coarse aggregate Quantity kg/m3 437. 936 109. 484 456. 96 1255. 475 Cost ( Rs. ) 5/kg 0. 50/kg 867. 20/m3 561. 40/m3 Cost of stuff ( Rs. ) 2189. 68 54. 74 247. 67 320. 37 Cost ( Rs. ) 5/kg 0. 50/kg 867. 20/m3 561. 40/m3 Cost of stuff ( Rs. ) 2463. 39 27. 37 247. 67 320. 37 3058. 801 Cost ( Rs. ) 5/kg 0. 50/kg 867. 20/m3 561. 40/m3 Cost of stuff ( Rs. ) 2737. 10 247. 67 320. 37 3305. 14 Entire cost Table-11 Cost of stuff of 30 % partly replaced concrete/m3 Description Cement Hypo sludge Sand Coarse aggregate Quantity kg/m3 383. 194 164. 226 456. 96 1255. 475 Entire cost Table-12 Cost of stuff of 40 % partly replaced concrete/m3 Description Cement Hypo sludge Sand Coarse aggregate Quantity kg/m3 328. 452 218. 968 456. 96 1255. 475 Entire cost Table-13Cost of stuff of 50 % partly replaced concrete/m3 Description Cement Hypo sludge Sand Coarse aggregate Quantity kg/m3 273. 71 273. 71 456. 96 1255. 475 Entire cost Table-14 Cost of stuff of 60 % partly replaced concrete/m3 Cost ( Rs. ) 5/kg 0. 50/kg 867. 20/m3 561. 40/m3 Cost ( Rs. ) 5/kg 0. 50/kg 867. 20/m3 561. 40/m3 Cost ( Rs. ) 5/kg 0. 50/kg 867. 20/m3 561. 40/m3 2812. 462 Cost of stuff ( Rs. ) 1915. 97 82. 11 247. 67 320. 37 2566. 12 Cost of stuff ( Rs. ) 1642. 26 109. 484 247. 67 320. 37 2319. 784 Cost of stuff ( Rs. ) 1368. 55 136. 855 247. 67 320. 37 2073. 445 Table-14 Cost of stuff of 60 % partly replaced concrete/m Description Cement Hypo sludge Sand Coarse aggregate Quantity kg/m3 218. 968 328. 452 456. 96 1255. 475 Entire cost Table-15 Cost of stuff of 70 % partly replaced concrete/m3 Description Cement Hypo sludge Sand Coarse aggregate Quantity kg/m3 164. 226 383. 194 456. 96 1255. 475 Entire cost Cost ( Rs. ) 5/kg 0. 50/kg 867. 20/m3 561. 40/m3 Cost of stuff ( Rs. ) 821. 13 191. 597 247. 67 320. 37 1580. 767 Cost ( Rs. ) 5/kg 0. 50/kg 867. 20/m3 561. 40/m3 Cost of stuff ( Rs. ) 1094. 84 164. 226 247. 67 320. 37 1827. 106 Thymine he compared values of cost show gradual decrease in entire cost of per three-dimensional metre concrete. T he supra tabular array shows cost values up to 30 % replacing and the difference in cost degree Fahrenheit read-only memory normal concrete to partly replaced concrete was Rs. 739. 02 CONCLUSIONS Based on limited experimental probe on the compressive and split tensile strength of concrete. the f ollowing observations are made sing the opposition of partly replaced sodium thiosulphate sludge. * Compressive strength of the concrete. should be increased the per centum of replacing is increased up to 40 % and replacing increased compressive strength become reduced. * T he split tensile strength should be decreased degree Fahrenheit or the per centum of the replacing is increased. * Form this degree. replacing of cement with this waste of hypo- sludge stuff provides maximal compressive strength at 30 %replacing. * We f ind the glorification to E. W. S group people by get the 28 yearss bring arounding trial. When authorities implement the undertakings f or impermanent shelters f or who those af degree Fahrenheits ected by tsunami. E. Q. etc. . this stuff can be use degree Fahrenheit or economical degree Fahrenheit easibility. * Cost of cement should go low degree Fahrenheit read-only memory this undertaking. * Environment ef degree Fahrenheit ECTs f read-only memory wastes and maximal sum of cement manuf acturing is reduced through this undertaking. * A better step by a NEW CONST RUCT ION MAT ERIAL is f ormed out through this undertaking. Reference 1. Felix F. Udoeyo. Hilary Inyang. David T. Young A ; Edmund E. Oparadu â€Å"Potential Of Wood Waste Ash As An 1. Felix F. Udoeyo. Hilary Inyang. David T. Young A ; Edmund E. Oparadu â€Å"Potential Of Wood Waste Ash As An Additive In Concrete† in Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. ASCE. July/August 2006. pp. 605-612 2 K. Ganesan K. Rajagopal an K. T hangavelu â€Å"Ef f ECTs of the Partial replacing of cement with agro waste ashes on strength and lastingness of concrete† Proceedings of International conf erence on recent progresss in concrete and building engineering. organised by Department of Civil technology. S. R. M Engineering College. Chennai- 07-09 December 2005. 3. IS 383 -1970 â€Å"Specif ications f or Coarse and Fine Aggregates f rom Natural Sources degree Fahrenheit or Concrete† . Bureau of Indian Standards. New Delhi. 4. IS 10262 -1981 â€Å"IS Method of Mix Design† . Bureau of Indian Standards. New Delhi 5. IS 516 -1959 â€Å"Methods of Trials f or strength of concrete† . Bureau of Indian Standards. New Delhi 6. IS 456 -2000 â€Å"Code of Practice degree Fahrenheit or Plain and Reinf orced Concrete† . Bureau of Indian Standards. New Delhi. This study is submitted to engineeringcivil. com so that pupils can happen the research utile and can take aid in farther research and analysis. We unfeignedly thanks R. Srinivasan. Lecturer. Department of Civil Engineering. Tamilnadu College of Engineering. Karumatham Patti. Coimbatore-641659. Tamilnadu. Prof. M. Palanisamy – Assistant Professor. Department of Civil Engineering. Tamilnadu College of Engineering. Karumatham patti. Coimbatore-641659. Tamilnadu

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The God of Small Things Review Essay Example

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